How to Treat Bronchitis without Antibiotics?

How to treat Bronchitis without antibiotics

This paper will explain ways on how to treat bronchitis without antibiotics. Bronchitis is a respiratory illness expressed by a dry or wet cough. Bronchitis is mostly caused by viruses; influenza A and B, and can also be caused by bacteria, Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Irritating fumes, tobacco smoke, other smoke, dust and chemical solvents are among the factors that may be linked to bronchitis. Among the people with higher risks of getting bronchitis or severe symptoms of bronchitis are the elderly, those with compromised immunity and smokers. Antibiotics are medicines that are used to deter bacterial growth. Because Bronchitis is in most cases caused by viruses, antibiotics should not be relied on for treatment. If there are no other health concerns, it is recommended that antibiotics should not be used to relieve the symptoms of bronchitis.

How to treat Bronchitis without Antibiotics

In many cases, bronchitis will go away by itself in about three to four weeks depending on a person immunity. It is advisable that individuals are educated on how to treat bronchitis without antibiotics to minimise on the abuse of the drugs. For people who are healthy, have normal lungs and have no recurring health problems, antibiotic treatment of bronchitis is not needed. Normally bronchitis comes with shortness of breath, dry cough, tight chest and increased mucus with time followed by a fever.

Most often, bronchitis is preceded by a common cold or flu. At the beginning of the infection, one should immediately increase the Vitamin A C E and bioflavinoid intake to boost the immunity. Vitamin C increases interferon levels, which fight viral infections and make the mucus membranes lining the respiratory tract stronger. To ease the symptoms during the healing process, one can take peppermint to ease coughing, ginseng tea will also help in fighting the infection and sooth the cough. A drink with a mixture of crushed ginger, lime and honey can also help in soothing the cough

Practices that will help on how to treat bronchitis without antibiotics

Some changes in an individual’s lifestyle can be made to contribute on how to treat bronchitis without antibiotics. Among them is avoiding primary or secondary smoking. Cigarette smoke irritates the lungs making the body to automatically produce mucus to protect the mucus membranes from even more irritation. Moderate exercise can also help, especially strengthening the infected lungs by blowing up balloons and doing yoga to regulate breathing.

Healthy nutrition also plays a major role in maintaining health bronchioles. Diets that are low in fibres and high in red meat and processed foods weaken the lungs. One should avoid sweets, juice, sugar and honey. Sugar inhibits the functioning of the immune system by competing with Vitamin C for absorption into the white blood cells. One should avoid excessive alcohol intake, which raises the chances of infection, and dairy foods which trigger mucous formation.

The simple remedies discussed above will make one feel better sooner than expected without depending on antibiotics. Concentrating on a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition gives one the assurance of healthy lungs. However, in times of compromised immunity and higher infection susceptibility, some extra effort to increase intake of the discussed foods and having the discussed lifestyle will come in handy in helping the body to continue functioning at normal levels. Therefore, in whatever health situation, it is highly recommended that individuals should have the knowledge on how to treat bronchitis without antibiotics at the fingertips

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How To Treat Bronchitis Without Antibiotics